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The Rev G R Oakley's Retirement gift

Dear Rev Battershell.

Back in 2017 my wife and I were walking down Castle Douglas high street,

up here in Dumfries & Galloway,  when we saw this item in an antique

shop window.  When we inspected it we discovered it was a pipe smoker's

storage cabinet.  Unbeknown to me my wife bought it, had it cleaned up

by my stepfather, and presented it to my in June as a surprise sixtieth

birthday present as I am a pipe smoker.

As you can see it was presented to The Rev G R Oakley on his retirement

in 1923, so it is one hundred years old this year!  The two silver bowls

are for mixing and blending tobacco a

nd there are various draws for


I take great pride in owning it and it is used for its original purpose.

Hope this of interest?

Kind regards.

Steven K Taylor

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