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Holy Week

This Holy week we remember Jesus’ ministry before he was taken to the cross. We remember how he came into Jerusalem on a donkey and how the people turned on him and later crucified him. His disciples were scared and lacked faith, even when Jesus had told them that he would rise again, they lacked that true faith. We of course have the knowledge that He did rise from the dead and we celebrate this on Easter Day. Easter reminds us how Jesus defeated death and that he became the final sacrifice for our sins.

During this corona virus pandemic, our Churches remain closed, but our worship of God continues. We might be at home, but we can come together to celebrate this season of Holy Week and Easter. St Andrew’s Church has adapted worship and is streaming services daily at 9.30am and at 6pm onto Facebook and later onto our Website. We have also produced some children’s activities and are streaming Storytime with Rev Rachel each Tuesday & Friday at 2pm.

During this uncertain time, we can come together as the body of the Church, united in Faith and Love. I hope that you will take a moment this season to join us in worship and prayer. May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Easter.

Revd Rachel Battershell


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