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Church Yard

From recent guidance from The Church of England, it is advised that we do not mow the grass or do any gardening at Church during Lock-down. So the grass may get a little long and the flowers a little over grown but when all this is over we can get it back to normal.

Rev Rachel

Taken form the C of E Website

Are we allowed to cut the grass and other gardening? If we don’t the church grounds will quickly look very overgrown.

No. Tending to the churchyard cannot be considered an ‘essential journey’ and as such we do not recommend it during the lockdown, unless it is for security or safety reasons such as pruning a tree which is considered unsafe, or removing climbing plants from walls if they are causing damage to the building or could be used to facilitate breaking in. Anyone undertaking works in the churchyard for these specific purposes should work alone (unless they are with someone from the same household). If they are using the church’s equipment, then it should be sanitised before and after use in line with Public Health England advice. This could be an opportunity to change your mowing regime by allowing suitable areas to grow long over the next few weeks, allowing natural wildflowers to grow and encouraging biodiversity.

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